Bias Crime/Hate Crime

Most important publications:

Piatkowska, S. J., Hövermann, A. (2018). A Culture of Hostility and Crime Motivated by Bias: A Cross-National Multilevel Analysis of Structural Influences. International Criminal Justice Review, 29(2): 141-167. Find it here.

Piatkowska, S. J., Messner, S. F., Hövermann, A. (2019). Black Outgroup Marriages And Hate Crime Rates: A Cross-Sectional Analysis Of U. S. Metropolitan Areas. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, Volume: 57 issue: 1: 105-135. Find it here.

Piatkowska, S. J., Hövermann, A., Yang, T. C. (2019). Immigration Influx As Trigger For Right-Wing Crime: A Cross-Sectional Time-Series Analysis Of Hate Crimes In Germany In The Light Of The “Refugee Crisis”. British Journal of Criminology, Volume 60, Issue 3, May 2020, Pages 620–641. Read it here.

Mentors & Collaborators:

Sylwia Piatkowska, Steven Messner, Eva Groß, TC Yang

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