Institutional Anomie Theory

5 most important publications:

Messner S. F., Rosenfeld R., Hövermann, A. (2019). Institutional Anomie Theory: An Evolving Research Program. In: Krohn M., Lizotte A., Hall G. (Hg.) Handbook on Crime and Deviance. Handbooks of Sociology and Social Research. 2nd Ed. Springer, NY. Find it here.

Hövermann, A., Messner, S. F. (2019). Institutional Anomie Theory across Nation States. In H. Pontell (Hg.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press. Find it here.

Groß, E. M., Hövermann, A., Messner, S. F. (2018). Marketized Mentality, Competitive/Egoistic School Culture, and Delinquent Attitudes and Behavior: An Application of Institutional Anomie Theory. Criminology, 56(2): 333-369. Find it here.

Hövermann, A., Groß, E. M., Messner, S. F. (2016). Institutional Imbalance, Integration into Non-econmic Institutions, and a Marketized Mentality in Europe – A Multilevel, Partial Elaboration of Institutional Anomie Theory. International Journal of Comparative Sociology, 57(4): 231-254. Find it here.

Hövermann, A. Groß, E. M., Zick, A., Messner, S. F. (2015). Understanding the devaluation of vulnerable groups: A novel application of Institutional Anomie Theory. Social Science Research, 52: 408-421. Find it here.


Steven Messner, Richard Rosenfeld, Sandra Legge/(Hüpping), Helmuth Thome

further Collaborators:

Eva Groß, Jacek Bielinski, Ekaterina Lytkina

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