New findings of our latest workforce panel-wave

We have analyzed the latest data of the Hans-Böckler-Foundation workforce panel-wave and published some first findings (see press release).

Main results in short:

  • worries about health increase in the course of rising COVID-19 cases lately
  • worries about eroding social cohesion further increase to very high levels (90%!)
  • decrease in agreement to conspiracy myths – though still on a high level.
  • lower satisfaction with crisis management of Germany´s Federal administration – especially among respondents with lower income
  • Now 40% report loss of income in the course of the pandemic. As in the previous waves, the share is again higher among respondents with lower income.

Here is my German Twitter Thread and my English Tweet on it. Here are first media reports: Sueddeutsche Zeitung, n-tv, and deutschlandfunk.

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