New study on impact of work and transformation on anti-democratic attitudes

The first study of my main project at Hans-Böckler-Foundation (together with Dorothea Voss & Bettina Kohlrausch) has been published. We analyzed how “soziale Lebenslagen”, work and especially Transformation is related to anti-democratic attitudes, i.e. right-wing populist attitudes and Group-focused Enmity. We could find that particularly deprived persons and persons with anomic disorientation share those anti-democratic attitudes. Persons integrated in the working force agrees to a lesser extent than retirees or unemployed persons. But more important than the sheer integration in the job market are the working conditions that show effects on the approval of anti-democratic attitudes. Finally, whether respondents are well positioned for the upcoming huge transformational challenges of digitalization and climate change is closely related to anti-democratic attitudes. They constitute enormous challenges for maintaining the democratic integration of many persons facing substantial upheavals.

Here are three threads with several figures:

A short overview:

detailed findings on the role of life circumstances and work:

detailed findings on the role of transformation:

The full study can be downloaded here. The press release can be downloaded here.

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